Royalty Racquet Centre Programming

Tennis – Something for Everyone!

Intro to Tennis Mondays 6-7pm – This program is for new and returning players.  This is our “FUN” Division.  We’ll have you playing doubles your first day!  Players will learn Stroke Production, Scoring, Etiquette, Game and MatchPlay.  Please ask us about our “FUN” Pathway which was built for our new players which include Cardio Tennis, Lunch Lessons, Our Learn To Play Program, and Tournaments.
Click to register: Single Lessons – Mondays
Click to register (Full Session): April 3 – May 15

Cardio Tennis – Mon/Wed Noon-1pm – Let us get you moving and grooving.  This high energy class will have you sweating tears of joy. Accompanied by music and encouraging Trainers, we’ll send you on your way at 1pm with a spring in your step!
Click to register: Monday Session (April 3 -May 15)
Click to register: Wednesday Session (April 5-May 10)
Individual Sessions are also available for $16 each for drop ins! Please register in advance: Mondays Wednesdays

Learn to Play – Tuesdays 9-10am – For FUN and B players, this program builds on learning from our intro to Tennis classes and furthers players’ understanding of court sense, tactics, game and match play.  There is a technical component to this class that will reinforce proper stroke production in matchplay situations.  Sweat and Learn.  Feel the burn and reap the rewards of expanded knowledge.  A sure hit!
Click to register for Individual Classes Tuesdays
Click to register for Full Session: April 4 – May 16

Practice & Play – Thursdays 8-10am – High intensity situational play, instruction, and fun in a levelled environment.  8 players train while 4 play on a rotating basis.  A great way to practice what you’ve learned in matchplay situations.
Click to register: April 6 – May 11
Click to register for Individual Classes Thursdays

Weekly Tennis Round Robins, Events & Tournaments

Round Robins

Ladies’ Night: Tuesdays 7-9pm – Come on Ladies, this is your night!!!  Organized play in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Players will be arranged for doubles. Get Involved! We’re looking for volunteers who want to help make this the best Ladies’ Night in Canada!
Members Only: Cost $5/Evening
Click to register: $5 per evening

Men’s Night:
Thursdays 7-9:30pm – This one’s for you, Gentlemen!  Organized doubles and a coating court expands available slots to 12 players per evening. 4 players will play doubles while an additional 6-8 players will work-out on a drill court.  No one sits still for and part of the two hr session. 
Members Only: Cost $5/Evening
Click to register: $5 per evening

Sunday Doubles – Sundays 11-5pm – Sundays are for play and have we got something to feed your competitive soul.  Our longstanding Sunday Doubles League continues inside the Royalty Racquet Club with arranged matches, weekly results updates, and prizes awarded at the end of each term.  Please reach out to Jordan MacGregor: to reserve your chance at glory!  Cost: $10

Pickleball Programs

We have organized Pickleball times every day of the week, Learn to Pickleball classes, Tournaments, and Social Events.  Something for every level!

Intermediate/Advanced Pickleball Round Robins Mon/Wed/Fri
Calling all Advanced and Intermediate Pickleball Players!  We have regular programming for you Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10-Noon. Register Here

On Sundays from 9-11am, we have our 4.0+ Advanced Round Robin
Members Only: $5 per Sunday Morning
Click to register: Choose your classes ($5)

Beginner/Learning Pickleball Clinics & Play – Tues/Thurs 10am-Noon
Join us on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings for our Intro to Pickleball Classes.  1 hr of instruction followed by 1 hour of play.  You’ll be in the swing of things in no time! Cost: $5 per lesson
Click to register:Choose your classes ($5)

Saturday Morning Intermediate/Advanced Clinic and Play – Saturdays 10-Noon – Join us for Saturday clinics designed to improve the skilled player.  Learn top-spin, side-spin, placement, and tactics in a fast paced clinic that involves plenty of movement.  Cost: $5/person
Click to register: Choose your classes ($5)

Doubles Ladder League

 Sunday’s: 11am-5pm
(There is no cost to be on the invite list)

–     Invite to all players interested in participating goes out at the beginning of the week.
–     Respond if interested in playing that week.
–     The 4 person groupings are made by going down the ladder list from top to bottom based on who has responded to the invite that week.

Example: We have a starting ranking list of 20 persons. If 14 people respond to the invite on week # 1, the top 4 players on the ladder play 11-12:30pm, the next 4 players play at 12:30-2pm, and the next ranked players play 2-3:30pm. The last 2 players do not get to play.


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