2021 Canada Summer Games Tennis Technical Package
Technical Packages are a critical part of the Canada Games. They guide the selection of athletes by prescribing the age and eligibility requirements, assist Host Societies by detailing competition formats and scoring procedures, assist provincial/territorial mission team (P/T Team) Chefs de Mission in verifying eligibility, identify the maximum number of participants permitted, advance coaching certification by stating minimum requirements and generally contribute to athlete development by identifying each National Sport Organization’s (NSO) version of athletes in the “Train to Compete” phase of its Long Term Athlete Development Framework (LTAD), or other suitable phase of the framework as justified by the NSO, discussed with the LTAD expert group, and approved by the Canada Games Council (CGC) Sport Committee.
Every Games’ technical representative, coach, manager, sport leader and mission staff has an obligation to read and understand every aspect of the Technical Package. Failure to do so could cost an athlete their eligibility for the Games or could affect final standings or the conduct of the competition. If someone does not understand an aspect of a Technical Package, they are to seek clarification from the CGC Sport Committee through their Chef de Mission or NSO.
Technical Packages are developed 36 to 24 months prior to Games primarily by NSOs, following the Principles that Govern Technical Packages, guidelines and requirements of the CGC. As the overall governing body of the Games, the CGC has the ultimate authority over Technical Packages, but this authority is exercised only with the knowledge and understanding of the concerned NSO. Generally, Technical Packages are developed by sport, but in certain cases may be developed by discipline.
If an individual wishes to seek clarification or initiate a change to a Technical Package leading up to a Games, the request should be first directed to the NSO or the Chef de Mission. The NSO or Chef de Mission will evaluate the merits of the request and will, if it has merit, submit the requested change or clarification to the CGC’s Sport Department for consideration. The NSO or Chef de Mission will provide the rationale for the request. Changes to age groups, eligibility requirements, team sizes or staff complements will not be considered within 36 months of the Games. Additions or changes to events/competition formats that result in a significant cost increase to the Host Society will not be considered within 24 months of the Games, unless approved by the CGC and the Host Society. Substantive changes to events or competition formats will not be considered within 18 months of the Games, unless approved by all participating Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (P/TSO) and the CGC. Minor corrections will be considered at almost any time, but will be increasingly difficult to achieve within six [6] months of the Games. These time frames reinforce the importance of complete understanding of the Technical Package by Games’ stakeholders early.

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