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National Bank ATA 3 * Tournament Schedule Nov. 2 and 3

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written by: Tennis PEI
written by: Tennis PEI
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Below is the schedule for all matches being played Friday evening and Saturday   There will be some consolation matches played Saturday evening that are TBA.    Courts are at the SPA (aka West Royalty Fitness Center) in the Charlottetown Mall located at 670 University Avenue in Charlottetown. 

Access to the tennis courts if the Spa is closed  (after 9:30pm on Friday and after 7pm on Saturday) is through the Hil’s restaurant entrance across from the Bank of Montreal. If not able to gain access for a match please contact Brian at (902) 314-4985.

 Friday November 2

Friday 4pm          BU12           Jack Foerster vs Elijah Opps

Friday 4pm          BU12           Kieryn Minor vs David Propper

Friday 5pm          BU12           Griffin McDonough vs Alex Mir

Friday 5pm          BU12           Sebastian Nguyen vs Everett Orlik

Friday 6pm          BU16           Jacob Orlik vs Ben Hamilton

Friday 6pm          BU14            Ryan Murphy vs Jack Foerster

Friday 7pm          BU16            Gryffin Minor vs Jeff Bodner

Friday 7pm          BU14           Everett Orlick vs Kieran Minor

Friday 8pm          BU16            Nico Mir vs Zachary Verboom

Friday 8pm          BU14           Griffin McDonough vs Ben Hamilton

Friday 9pm          BU16            Jacob Brown vs Cezar Campeanu

Friday 9pm          BU18           Shulin Ji vs Jeff Bodner


Saturday November 3rd

Sat 11am              BU10           Gregory Foerster vs Charles McDonough

Sat 11:45              BU12           Semi

Sat 12                    BU12           Semi

Sat 12:45              BU16           Semi

Sat 1pm                BU16           Semi

Sat 1:45                BU10           Elijah Opps vs David Propper

Sat 2pm                BU 10          Sebastian Nguyen vs TBA

Sat 2:45                GU14          Anye Cheng vs Maria Campeanu

Sat 3pm                BU14           Zachary Verboom vs TBA

Sat 3:45                BU14           Jacob Orlik vs Matthew Koughan

Sat 4pm                BU14           Nico Mir vs TBA

Sat 4:45                GU16          Esme MacGillivray vs Maria Campeanu

Sat 5pm                BU14           Alex Mir vs TBA

Sat 5:45                BU18           Griffin Minor vs TBA

Sat 6pm                BU18           Cezar Campeanu vs Jacob Brown

Sat 6:45                GU14          Anye Cheng vs Esme MacGillvray

Sat 7                      Consolation

Sat 7:45                Consolation

Sat 7:30                Consolation

Sat 8:15                Consolation

Sat 8:15                Consolation

Sat 9pm                Consolation

Sat 9pm                Consolation