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National Bank 3* Tournament Schedule for Saturday Nov 3

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written by: Tennis PEI
written by: Tennis PEI
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Below is the schedule for Saturday.  There will be some consolation matches played Saturday evening that are TBA

 Access to the tennis courts if the Spa is closed  (after 9:30pm on Friday and after 7pm on Saturday) is through the Hil’s restaurant entrance across from the Bank of Montreal. If not able to gain access for a match please contact Brian at (902) 314-4985.


Saturday November 3rd

Sat 11am              BU10           Gregory Foerster vs Charles McDonough

Sat 11:45              BU12           Griffin McDonough vs Jack Foerster

Sat 12                    BU12           Kieryn Minor vs Everett Orlik

Sat 12:45              BU16           Griffin Minor vs Ben Hamilton

Sat 1pm                BU16           N. Mir or Z. Verboom vs J. Brown or C. Campeanu

Sat 1:45                BU10           Elijah Opps vs David Propper

Sat 2pm                BU 10          Sebastian Nguyen vs TBA

Sat 2:45                GU14          Anye Cheng vs Maria Campeanu

Sat 3pm                BU14           Zachary Verboom vs Kieryn Minor

Sat 3:45                BU14           Jacob Orlik vs Matthew Koughan

Sat 4pm                BU14           Nico Mir vs TBA

Sat 4:45                GU16          Esme MacGillivray vs Maria Campeanu

Sat 5pm                BU14           Alex Mir vs Jack Foerster

Sat 5:45                BU18           Griffin Minor vs TBA

Sat 6pm                BU18           Cezar Campeanu vs Jacob Brown

Sat 6:45                GU14          Anye Cheng vs Esme MacGillvray

Sat 7                      Consolation

Sat 7:45                Consolation

Sat 7:30                Consolation

Sat 8:15                Consolation

Sat 8:15                Consolation

Sat 9pm                Consolation

Sat 9pm                Consolation