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ATA Jr. Circuit 4* Schedule, Nov 3-5

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written by: Tennis PEI
written by: Tennis PEI
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*A reminder that this event is taking place at the Spa Total Fitness Centre. The track is available for warm-up but the athletes are to not use any equipment.

Day One

Friday 5pm        BU14    Gabriel Richard Lacroix vs Ionut-Alexandru Capris

Friday 5pm        BU14    Matthew Koughan vs Jacob Orlik

Friday 6pm        BU14    Finn McMorran vs Jacob Brown

Friday 6pm        BU14    Logan William Swinamer vs Griffin Avery Minor

Friday 7pm        BU18    Clarke Fullerton vs Cezar Campeanu

Friday 7pm        BU18    Eric Liu vs Enrique Riveroll

Friday 8pm        BU14    Anthony Shaw vs winner of Lacroix/Capris

Friday 8pm        BU14    Ben Hamilton vs winner of McMorran/Brown

Friday 9pm        BU18    Michael Oxner vs Alexander Comeau

Friday 9pm        BU18    Cade Nadeau vs Thomas James Wallace


Day Two

Saturday 11am  BU14     Consolation

Saturday 11:45  BU14     Consolation

Saturday 12:30  BU14     Consolation

Saturday 1pm    BU18     Consolation

Saturday 1:15    BU18     Consolation

Saturday 1:45    BU14     Consolation

Saturday 2pm    GU14    Sara Huang vs Samantha Ostridge

Saturday 2:30    BU18     Consolation

Saturday 3pm    BU10    Elijah Opps vs Teddy Worley

Saturday 3:15    GU10    Harley Foubert vs Vanya Virmani

Saturday 3:45    BU10    Jack Comeau vs Callum McMorran

Saturday 4pm    BU14     Semi

Saturday 4:30    BU10    Elijah Opps vs Caden Colburne

Saturday 5pm    GU10    Harley Foubert vs Raktika Galwa

Saturday 5:15    BU10    Jack Comeau vs Keiryn Minor

Saturday 5:45    BU14     Semi

Saturday 6pm    BU10    Teddy Worley vs Caden Colburne

Saturday 6:45    BU18     Semi

Saturday 6:45    BU10    Callum McMorran vs Keiryn Minor

Saturday 7:30    BU18     Semi


Day Three

Sunday  10am    GU14    Zarah David vs Ria Johnston

Sunday 10am    GU14    Maria Campeanu vs winner of Huang/Ostridge

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