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ATA Junior Circuit – PEI Schedule

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written by: Tennis PEI
written by: Tennis PEI
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ATA Junior Circuit – Charlottetown, June 16-18, 2017

Please find below the schedule for this weekend’s tournament.  All games will be played at Victoria Park in Charlottetown. Please check our website for any updates to the schedule due to weather conditions.

Please note there will be a $15 administration fee for any athlete who withdraws. Please contact Kristen if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend of tennis with a supportive environment!


Fri 3pm

GU10 Paige Ramsay vs Samantha Ostridge

GU16 Cincy Chen vs Lily Ramsey

GU14 Alice Zhao vs Ava Ramsay


Fri 3:15pm

BU10 Griffin Mcdonough vs Sebastian Nguyen


Fri 4pm

BU10 William Wang vs Elijah Joseph Opps

BU10 Charlie Wang vs Callum Mcmorran

BU14 Matthew Shaw vs Ben Hamilton

BU14 Anthony Shaw vs Jacob Brown

BU14 Mark Rainnie vs Jakob Orlik

BU14 Vincent Doucet vs Gabriel Richard Lacroix

BU14 Cezar Campeanu vs Lauchlan Mcdonough

BU14 Gryffin Minor vs Finn Mcmorran


Fri 5pm

BU12 Jack Foerster vs Everett Orlik

Fri 5:30pm

GU12 Meghna Anand vs Alice Zhao

GU12 Maria Campeanu vs Sofia Gonzalez

GU12 Cali Nadeau vs Samantha Ostridge

Fri 6pm

BU18 Niket Sampalli vs Mitchell Nel

BU18 Enrique Riveroll Vs Clarke Fullerton

BU18 Noah Zelin-Opps Vs Michael Oxner

BU16 Cade Nadeau Vs Lauchlan McDonough


Fri 6:30pm

BU12 Griffin Mcdonough vs Ryan Conor Murphy

GU14 Zarah David vs Cincy Chen

BU10 David Li vs Jack Foerster


Fri 7pm

BU12 Kieryn Minor vs Jakob Orlik

GU14 Isabella Janet Baker vs Lily Ramsay


Fri 7:30pm

BU16 Vincent Doucet Vs Alexander Oxner


*Stay alert for possible weather schedule update


Sat 9am

BU12 Zachary Verboom vs Finn Mcmorran

BU16 Vincent Doucet Vs Alexander Oxner

BU16 Thomas James Wallace Vs Michael Oxner

BU16 Alex Mockler Vs Niket Sampalli

BU16 Enrique Riveroll Vs Gryffin Minor

BU16 Noah Zelin-Opps Vs Luke Conlon

BU16 Cade Nadeau Vs Lauchlan McDonough

BU16 Jacob Brown Vs Clarke Fullerton


Sat 10am

GU10 Paige Alexis Ramsay vs Samantha Ostridge

GU10 Harley Foubert vs Cali Nadeau

GU14 Alice Zhao vs Ava Elizabeth Ramsay

GU16 Darah Ross Vs Lily Ramsay


Sat 10:30am

BU10 Griffin Mcdonough vs Sebastian Nguyen

BU10 Kieryn Maxwell Fulton Minor vs W.Wang/E.Opps

BU10 David Li vs Jack Foerster

BU10 Everett Orlik vs C.Wang/C.McMorran


Sat 11am

BU14 Alexander Oxner vs Shaw/Hamilton

BU14 Shaw/Richard Brown vs Rainnie/Orlik

BU14 Doucet/Lacroix vs Campeanu/Mcdonough


Sat 11:30am

BU14 Cade Nadeau vs Minor/Mcmorran


Sat 12pm

BU18 Fischer Laing vs Sampalli/Nel

BU18 Julian Oxner vs Alex Mockler


Sat 12:30pm

BU18 Jacob Nobbe vs Zelin-Opps/M.Oxner

BU18 Thomas James Wallace vs Riveroll/Fullerton


Sat 1pm

GU12 Zarah David vs Nadeau/Ostridge

GU12 Isabella Janet Baker vs Campeanu/Gonzalez

GU12 Paige Alexis Ramsey vs Harley Foubert

GU12 Esme Macgillivray vs Anand/Zhao


Sat 1:30pm

BU12 Anthony Shaw vs F.McMorran/Verboom

BU12 G. Richard Lacroix vs G.McDonough/Murphy

BU12 Ben Hamilton vs J.Orlik/K.Minor


Sat 2pm

GU10 Meghna Anand vs P.Ramsay/Ostridge

BU12 Mark Rainnie vs Foerster/E.Orlik

GU10 Sofia Andrea Gonzalez vs Foubert/Nadeau


Sat 2:30pm

GU14 Darah Rae Ross vs Baker/L.Ramsay

GU14 Zhao/Ramsay Vs Chen/David

BU16 Fischer Laing Vs Doucet/A.Oxner


Sat 3pm

BU16 Quarter Final

BU16 Quarter Final

BU16 Quarter Final


Sat 3:30

GU12 Consolation

BU12 Consolation

BU12 Consolation


Sat 4pm

BU18 Semi #1

GU12 Consolation

BU14 Consolation

BU14 Consolation


Sat 4:30 pm

BU18 Semi #2

BU10 Semi

BU10 Semi


Sat 5pm

BU14 Semi

BU14 Semi

Lily Ramsay Vs Darah Ross


Sat 5:30pm

BU10 Consolation

BU10 Consolation

BU18 Consolation


Sat 6pm

BU18 Consolation

GU12 Semi

GU12 Semi


Sat 6:30pm

BU14 Consolation

BU14 Consolation

BU16 Consolation

BU16 Consolation


Sat 7pm

BU16 Consolation

GU14 Consolation


Sunday Schedule to be posted on Saturday evening.