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July 16, 1999 – Walter Parker, Paul McKnight

June 8, 1999 – Results – Spa/Bike Shop Tournament

June 2, 1999 – Results – Burger Kings Junior Tournament

June 15, 1999 – Results – Atlantic qualifying Trials

1999 – A little practice makes perfect – Ryan Clow

June 8, 1999 – Taylor Ferrier, Ben Rayner, Jamie Waddell, Stephen Daley and Scott Bentley

January, 2003 – Rob Deacon and Simi Nijjar

February, 2003 – Sophie Rayner and Simi Nijjar

February 18, 2003 – Junior tennis players get off to strong start

February 19, 2003 – Atlantic indoor Junior Tennis Championships

February, 2003 – Michael Waddell, Hilary Hansen, Rob Deacon, Wayne Ford

February, 2003

Rodd Mill River Tennis Classic – Rich Little and Claire Gaudet

Island Tennis players earn spot at nationals

Labor Day Professional Services Cup – Chantelle Kelly, Kyla Milne and Simi Nijjar

Sun life Masters National Outdoor Tennis Championships – Debra Brown

Fall Classic Tennis Results

Pizza Delight Junior Tennis Tournament – Results

Summ Fun, Games Fest – Results

November 23, 1994 – Marilene White and Rich Little

Burger King Junior Provincial Championships – Results

West Royalty Party Rental Open – Results

Juniors lead in tennis lists

Bike shop Source for Sports Open – Results

Dairy Queen Fall Classic – Sherri Gallant, Simi Nijjar, Martin Madsen, Kinley Crossman and Claire Gaudet

PEI Mutual Provincial Summer Games – Gold medal winners

Pizza Delight junior Tournament – Cory Mugridge, Kaela Essenghaier, Simi Nijjar, Satnum Niggar and Patrick O’Connell

McDonalds P.E.I Junior Tennis Open – Results

Keir Lowther, Ryan Clow, Simi Nijjar and Krista Manning

West Royalty Party Rentals Trials – Nels Stanfield, Patrick O’Connell, Kyla Milne and Simi Nijjar

Bike Shop Source for Sports – Results

Shurman’s P.E.I Open Tennis – Results

Schurman P.E.I Tennis Open – Winner – Rich Little

1995 – Schurman P.E.I Tennis Open

Bike Shop Source for Sports – Results

Provincial 55-Plus Games – Doug George, Norah Henry and Jack Turner

Burger King Provincial Junior – Simi Nijjar, Rebecca Hooley, Ryan Clow and Patrick O’Connell

April 17, 1995 – Ryan Clow

Don’t privatize our tennis courts

Coach optimistic about net chances

Shurman’s P.E.I Open – Results – Rich Little

McDonald’s P.E.I Junior Tennis Open – Results

Junior tennis players dominate rankings

November 9, 1994 – Linda Durling and Jenny Likely

1994 Rankings

June 22, 1996 – City tennis court serves up rumors

Burger King provincial tennis champs – Kaela Esseghaier

June 28, 1995 – Brown leads team in tennis tourney – Debbie Brown

June 11, 1998 – 55-Plus Games – Results

June 30, 1998 – Jack Turner

Laura Burke