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Adult Programming

2021 Adult Winter Programming


Ball Machine Classes


Oct 2nd – Dec 18th

Tuesdays 7pm
Wednesdays 9am
Fridays 12noon
Saturdays 11am

An intensive hour hitting hundreds of balls against our relentless ball machine in exciting shot situations.

Member – $15/class

Non-Mem – $18/class

With only the one court available, classes will be limited to 8 participants & advanced registrations will be required.

Lessons can only be accessed up to one week in advance.


Adult Intro Refresher

For players with little to no experience in the game of tennis – the focus is on core fundamental strokes.

For players just starting or those that need a refresher. The focus is on core fundamental strokes. There is a strong emphasis on developing consistency with proper technique.

January 4th- January 25th

Tuesdays, 7pm at The Spa




Doubles Ladder League

 SUNDAY 11am-5pm

There is no cost to be on the invite list

–     Invite to all players interested in participating goes out at the beginning of the week.
–     Respond if interested in playing that week.
–     The 4 person groupings are made by going down the ladder list from top to bottom based on who has responded to the invite that week.
–     Please note that the displayed ranking list only includes those that have played a match so far this year and does not represent the full list which includes those that have played in the past and new registrants that have not played a match as of yet.
–    Over the 1.5 hrs you will play one set no-ad scoring with each partner in the group to determine the new ranking order.
–    Each week a new ranking list will be produced and the rankings will change over time and also different people will be available each week so the 4-somes each week will vary.

**Example: We have a starting ranking list of 20 persons. If 14 people respond to the invite on week # 1, the top 4 players on the ladder play 11-12:30pm, the next 4 players play at 12:30-2pm, and the next ranked players play 2-3:30pm. The last 2 players do not get to play.**




The following policy is in place for Tennis PEI Programs:

  • Any Tennis PEI program participant, coach or spectator over the age of 18 must be prepared to show proof of double vaccination.
  • Any individual in a program which includes both adults and youth must show proof of double vaccination.
  • Youth who are participating in programs with other youth (such as Saturday Fundamentals, Junior Challengers, and High Performance Training), are not required to show proof of vaccination, but their parent/guardian or any accompanying spectator, over the age of 12, is required to do so. These immunization records should be ready to be shown at the front desk of The Spa Total Fitness Centre.
  • Non-medical masks must be worn into, while spectating and while leaving the Spa Total Fitness Centre.
  • Masks will not be required for participants during classes.
  • Physical distancing should also be maintained.